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How was your day today?
I want to fully listen to your story, neither too fast nor too slow.

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「PAN Dance Company」 represents the Korean saying "engaging in a dance battle", introducing the concept of engaging in a dance battle through Korean folk songs. Korean folk dance is based on traditional games that reflect the environment, daily life, culture, and art of each region in Korea. Therefore, our company expresses familiar subjects from a contemporary perspective based on our unique cultural assets and cultural identity. We also focus on performance and education and conduct research on how to build an interdisciplinary art platform that centers around people.

Soojeong Hong
Woojin Kim Brain lesion
Jimin Ha Brain lesion

The Rite of Spring

봄의 제전


The distinction between disabilities and non-disabilities is a human categorization and in the presence of magnificent nature, everyone undergoes the pain of birth and growing, regardless of disabilities.
Breaking through the tough outer shell and sprouting, braving the storms and bearing fruit, is a natural phenomenon experienced by everything on Earth.

Enduring the darkness and coldness underground,
a small and delicate sprout is able to break through the tough coating of the seed.
This shows the beautiful and magnificent preservation of nature
and the result of its fierce struggle.

We too, may be fragile and slow,
but we are fiercely fighting to break the world's thick prejudices.
However, our way of fighting is simply
showing ourselves as we are through

Like spring flowers bloom and proudly display their beauty,
we will bear fruit by uniting through our love.

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「Dream On Dance Company」 is a specialized performing arts group composed of individuals with developmental disabilities. We are creating a new paradigm of art and artistic career, along with individuals with developmental disabilities who possess artistic talents. We also perform regularly to enhance their abilities and capabilities for independence.

Even those who were socially dependent as individuals with developmental disabilities can now say, "We can do it too!“ We aim to achieve social integration by realizing their dreams and hopes, improving disability awareness among non-disabled individuals, and fostering a beautiful sense of community.

Kija Park
Jungmin Lee Intellectual disability
Eunjung Kwon Intellectual disability
Chaimin Ro Intellectual disability
Joonseop Lim Intellectual disability
Hyunsun Chae Intellectual disability
Seonmyeong Lee Intellectual disability

Everything We Know

우리가 아는 모든 것들


Vivid memories come alive and intensify through our sensory experiences when we smell the fragrance of flowers or gaze at the sunset. These heightened internal sensations connect us to our position and actions in the world, enabling us to remember, imagine, listen, see, and touch. The work brings forth the experiences of being a human onto the stage, raising questions about how these memories will impact ourselves and our lives.

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「GhostGroup」, led by Jinwook Ryu as the representative and Hyeyoon Kim as the artistic director, has been active since 2017, working in various domestic and international settings. Inspired by the elusive and formless concept of a "ghost," 「GhostGroup」 was formed to give a clear voice by embodying abstract concepts through diverse imagery and new movements. With an interest in the variability of art that can transform into any form, the group aims to create works of various forms based on themes, movements, and dancers while engaging with the audience.
Representative works that reflect the group's theme include , , , , and >Hee Year Research(2021)>. Through consistent effort, 「GhostGroup」 is establishing its identity and moving forward.

Jinwook Ryu
Boram Han Brain lesion·Intellectual disability
Jonghyun Kim Down syndrome
Art Director
Hyeawoon Kim
Lightning Designer
Sohyung Kim




Within the darkness where even the North Star cannot be seen to guide the way,
I must depart to somewhere. But where exactly?
In this case, the destination I am heading towards is the path itself.
Life is a journey. It is not about walking the path, but the journey itself.
If I have decided to set foot in a place where no one has walked before,
I have to bear the responsibility of the future that will follow,
as it is my own decisions and footsteps that are creating the path.
Even if my feet become bloodied, and even if my steps are unsteady, it doesn't matter.
Shall I set out, to wherever I can go until?

"If you want to become a path, you cannot remain a fortress.“

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The team, 「lasFlamía」, is a dance company formed in 2019 with the purpose of introducing the traditional art of flamenco - a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage - to South Korea. We explore the boundaries between the original art of flamenco, which embodies the joys and sorrows of immigrants who settled in southern Spain and modern flamenco that can be enjoyed by anyone. Through our performances, we strive to connect with the audience and create a welcoming space for the appreciation of flamenco.

Jisong Yang
Seoyeon Yang Visual impairment

In this moment : Memory

지금 이 순간 : 기억


Love... My dear, heartbreaking love...
A dream of one night we unexpectedly met again...
If it is an unforgettable dream,
If it was a dream that will never come again,
Love is just a dream;
A dream-like love,
Love is an endless longing, a dream-like thing.

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I am a 26-year-old dancer with down syndrome. When I used to dance during my school years, receiving applause and cheers from my non-disabled friends made me so happy. After graduating from high school, I discovered MADE and started learning dance. Getting introduced to MADE became a turning point in my life. It wasn't difficult for me to imitate dances that I saw on TV, but expressing my own thoughts through my body was challenging. As I spent more time practicing, I realized that dance was the best way for me to express myself. Within the works, I could discover and experience a new version of myself. Even if I couldn't express my thoughts well through words, I could do so through dance. The sound of the audience responding during performances and the compliments I hear after the show boosts my self-esteem. I still have a lot to improve, but I am a disabled dancer who loves dance.

Eunsung Lee Intellectual disability
Eunsung Lee Intellectual disability
Doyeon Nam Intellectual disability




"Conatus" is the force that drives beings to maintain their existence.
(Spinoza, Ethics Part 3, Proposition 6)

Humans take a great effort to maintain their existence as a part of reality.
When the body and desires are involved, my conatus is revealed through dance.
It is my choice, the proof my existence, and my desires.

My conatus is the dance you are currently witnessing.
I wish to do well.

Don't you feel the same?

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「MoMo Dance Project」, also known as “Moment of Movement Dance Project," embodies the core identity of "moments of movement" through dance. 「MoMo Dance Project」 is an integrated dance company where individuals with and without disabilities come together. After a period of preparation from 2018 to 2021, the company was officially established in January 2022. The dance company creates choreography centered around the human body and movement, while also researching and developing methodologies for creative movement and providing educational programs in this field. Additionally, 「MoMo Dance Project」 collaborates with various academics to carry out interdisciplinary performances and dance research projects.

Heejoung Joung
Soyoung Kim Brain lesion
Heaseng Jung Brain lesion
Jaehyeong Oh
3D Motion Capture
Janghwan Ahn Seoul National University Sports Engineering Lab
Sungwon Hwang Seoul National University Sports Engineering Lab

Filter bubble



We live in a society where lies overwhelm the truth.
In this society where false facts can appear to be true, the world you see right now may not even be the real world.

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「Real Dance Company」 goes beyond the boundaries of disabilities and non-disabilities to deliver artistic messages. It aims to present a new perspective where the unique personalities and abilities of each individual comes together as one story. With the motto "We are complete works of art in ourselves," the company seeks to pursue pure artistic expression through the body.

Jina Ryou
Suji Kang Developmental disability
Haewon Kang Developmental disability
Hyunwoo Kim Developmental disability
Danbi Nam Developmental disability
Taekjoon Nam Developmental disability
Youngchae Ryou Developmental disability
Minjae Park Developmental disability
Hyerim Park Developmental disability
Yeeun Song Developmental disability
Dokyung Lee Developmental disability
Jongsu Lee Developmental disability
Jaeyoung Lim Developmental disability
Bokyung Yun