• Dresori

    Determination of thinking and studying (Dre)
    Art for Practice (Focusing on all sounds of the world)
    We are the upright and classy dance team, Dresori. Our philosophy is the beginning and end of the art is eventually from the human, thinks and understands the value of life and different life of people. We would like to gather all meaningful and classy sounds rather than to make massive work and practice the “human aesthetics” of life. Based on finding contemporary trend by thereinterpretation of tradition, we create performances with all people on the stage without the rules by fusion of genres like dance, theater, Korean traditional music, sound, and even media art.

    Contemporary Dance

    <A Road of Birds>

    Choreography& Directing
    Jin-Ho Kim (Physical Impairment)
    Composition, Music Directing & Piano
    Yeong-Ran Park
    Co-production &Sori
    Hyang-Eun Kim
    Co-choreography& Dancer
    Hee-Ah Choi
    Yo-Han Ko
    Hae-Na Chang(Visual Impairment)
    Kwang-Seok Lee(Hearing Impairment)
    Yoon-Jung Wang
    Jung-Won Chae
    Pyeong-Seok Kim
    Singer &Gayageum
    Hee-Jae Kim
    Directing and Planning
    Hyang-Eun Kim (Dresori)

    Focus on the Circle. It is also the symbol of wheelchairs. Everyone knows that if holding with the hands then pushing forward or back, it moves the direction. But now we try to the breakup this basic movement of the wheelchairs. We figure out how to hold the wheels by the which hand position, and how the upper body moves when pushing the wheel. For example, when we roll the wheels, the arm movements are done in the air without the wheels. Which means, there are lots of wheels that we do not know too. Our goal of this work is to combine samulnori instruments such as janggu and jing, and traditional hat on the top of the head to create numerous circles, and then the circles becomes One.

    Contemporary Dance

    <Circle and One>

    Kyeong-Min Ji
    Video Director
    Jung-Eun Lim
    Jeong-Hoon Kim(Physical Impairment)
    Jong-Chul Choi(Physical Impairment)
  • Dark Circles Contemporary Dance

    Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (DCCD), founded in 2010, is a professional dance group with young dancers presenting contemporary dance movement based on ballet and making stories of the present age. And DCCD has gained attention due to both a steady, earnest work style and group management despite the tendency of the dance world having majorly one-off projects.
    DCCD has presented numerous works in various Korean art festivals like Changmu International Performing Arts Festival, Ballet Festival Korea, Seoul Dance Festival, SIDance(Dancing City), Critics Choice.
    And since its foundation in 2010, it has performed the special works annually and strengthened its planning ability. From 2012, DCCD has broadened its stages internationally, performing in China, Japan, Sweden and the United States and it has been working with the Seoul Performing Art Company funded as a young artist support programme by Seoul Metropolitan council in 2017.
    DCCD’s major works are Dance with Kung-jjak, Concerto of Body and The Ordinary MEN.

    Contemporary Dance

    <The Ordinary MEN>

    Hyun-Sang Cho
    Kyoung-Lim Min Jae-Hyuk Park Young-Sil Lee
    Hyo-Sun Lee Hyun-Sang Cho
  • On&Off Dance Company+Onmom Company

    On&Off Dance Company, established in 2001 by dancer Chang-ho han and Yu do, is a dance company that explores human beings, lives, and time, loves curiosity and vitality, and journeys in search of the truth.

    Contemporary Dance

    <There’s No Sea: Limen>

    Sung-Guk Kang (Brain Lesions) DoYu
    Chang-Ho Han
    Sung-Guk Kang (Brain Lesions) Ju-Hye Cho Jae-Eun Kim
    Min-Jung Yoon Hye-Won Jung Yeon-Ah Kang
    Yeong-Min Cho
    Jae-Cheol Noh
    Kyeong-In Kim
  • Dance, Gowori

    Dance, Gouri is composed of choreographer, Eun-kyeong Kim, bibeodepeu Young-min Kim. The meaning of the company combines the words Dance, Go, and We (Uri). The company works with the aim of expressing the beauty of dance with “Let’s Dance"

    Korean Dance

    <Ulrim: Echo>

    Eun-Kyeong Kim
    Young-Min Kim (Hearing Impairment)
    Eun-Kyeong Kim
  • 99 Art Company

    99 Art Company, established in 2014, aims to create a new Korean dance that connects tradition and modern under the motto of “dance in the soul”
    Well-known works are such as The Hunger Angel, The Abyss, Silence, Mark 7:34, Burnt Offering, Burnt Offering Ⅱ, GAL-GAL, and the company was invited to various festivals, including Christics Choice, Seoul International Performing Arts Festival SPAF, Changmu International Dance Festival, and Operaestate Festival. 99 Art Company hopes to become like a tree which roots are strong.

    Contemporary Dance


    Patricia Carolin Mai
    Art Directing
    Hye-Rim Chang
    Seo-Yi Jang Jeong-Min Lee Go-Woon Lee Seung-A Lee
    Soo-Kyung Lee Jae-Rin Lee Se-Ryeong Choo

Ticket Guide

KIADA 2020

Venue Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center Saerasae Theater
Period 2020. 12. 15 ~ 12. 17
Price 전석 30,000원

KIADA 조직위원회 사무국
02-309-7922, 02-332-7921


Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center Saerasae Theater

1286, Jungang-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (10409)

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Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center Saerasae Theater
1286, Jungang-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea (10409)
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