Korea International Accessible Dance Festival

In 2016, KIADA celebrates its fifth international dance festival for the disabled in Korea and aims to provide another opportunity for growth and leap forward.

Please look forward to the 5th Korea International Dance Festival for the Disabled in 2020, which will be reborn as a festival for disabled people in the world to enhance mutual understanding and enjoy by everyone.

Director of KIADA Organizing Committee 인사말

my name is Bong-ho Son, a festival director of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA).

It already has been 5th anniversary of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival(KIADA), which was started by disabled and non-disabled artists from all over the world, dreaming of excellent accessible dance festival based on all contemporary mutual understanding.
KIADA, which took its first start in 2016 to create Korean style disabled dance, has become one of the important dance festivals in the world's disabled dance industry by presenting various contemporary disability dances.
Even now, KIADA will keep moving on, continue to expand awareness of disabled dance, and maintain social value by leading the diversification of dance. So, we will make efforts a lot to create works that are going to enrich the entire dance industry.
I hope that the disabled dancers, who will create another beginning of new art be￾yond their disability, will give a big pleasure to all audiences by their passion and effort from the heart.

Thank you.
대한민국장애인국제무용제 Director of KIADA Organizing Committee Bong-Ho Son

Chairperson of KIADA Organizing Committee 인사말

Toward Post-Kiada
KIADA, along with disabled artists around the world, is experiencing an unexpected and unprecedented time of crisis due to the coronavirus 19. And now we're thinking about the impact that's going to have.

KIADA is well aware of the common difficulties of many disabled dancers and organizations with us, and we feel that recent events pose a serious threat to the disabled.
With the endless cooperation and support of disabled dancers around the world, we have been able to grow over the past five years.
So up until a while ago, KIADA, which was running comfortably, was focusing on various programs to find a way forward.
And also, to celebrate the 5th event of 2020, scheduled for July, KIADA has been busy working on it.
However, from now on, in the period of chaos caused by the coronavirus 19, we have to be wise in finding a way to deal with it and planning the post-conflict process in order for KIADA to speed up and grow faster than ever again.
Therefore, we will have to think about the future in various ways and devote a lot of time to redesign it.
KIADA once again remembers its pledge to become a solid platform for dance around the world, and beyond this crisis, we will continue to seek all ways for more disabled dancers to continue to interact closely with Korea and enjoy the festival together.
I sincerely hope KIADA will become a member of the world's peace and well-being through art.
대한민국장애인국제무용제 Chairperson of KIADA Organizing Committee Young-Mook Choi


  • Sin-Up Kang

    The Former Public Affairs Director of the Korean Bar Association

  • Gun-Hee Kim

    CEO of the Covana Contents

  • Ryang-Young Kim

    Executive Director of the Covana Contents

  • Sam-Jin Kim

    Director of the Korea National University of Arts

  • Kyeong-Joong Min

    Secretary-General of the Korea Communications Standards Commission(KOCSC)

  • Kwang-Hyuk Woo

    Professor of the Korea National University of Arts

  • Ki-Jeong Lee

    Director of the YTN

  • Beom-Jin Lee

    Dean of the College of Pharmacy of the Ajou University

  • Jung-Ja Lee

    Director of the SDM Deaf Center

  • Mi-Kyung Lim

    Chairperson of the Goyang International Dance Festival(GIDF)

  • Hyung-Seok Jung

    Chairperson of the Miral Welfare Foundation

  • Mi-Kyung Heo

    Professor of the Inje University


I hope that the Korea International Accessible Dance Festival will contribute greatly to create the community for disabled dance in the future. ”

Festival Director of KIADA Festival Director of KIADA

Bong-Ho Son Bong-Ho Son

KIADA will continue to act as a platform for the world’s accessible people to actively promote cultural and artistic exchanges through the use of accessible dance and to impress the world. ”

Head of KIADA Organizing Committee Head of KIADA Organizing Committee

Young-Mook Choi Young-Mook Choi

It is an honor for me to join the journey of KIADA, a place of harmony where disabled people communicate together through dance, regardless of national boundaries. ”

Art Director of KIADA Art Director of KIADA

Sam-Jin Kim Sam-Jin Kim

I am very proud of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival which takes the initiative in respecting the value of art and expanding the future value of art internationally. ”

Advisory Committee of KIADA Advisory Committee of KIADA

Eun-Hye Yoo Eun-Hye Yoo

I support KIADA that develop the potential for disabled dance and achieve the original goal of center for communication around the world. ”

Organizer of KIADA Organizer of KIADA

Kwang-Hyuk Woo Kwang-Hyuk Woo

I hope this opportunity will illuminate the artistic and social values of accessible dance and enable the dancer to develop even more. ”

Organizer of KIADA Organizer of KIADA

Beom-Jin Lee Beom-Jin Lee