고양아람누리 아람극장 · 새라새극장
Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center

Aram Opera House
Saerasae Theater
2021. 11. 16.tue - 11. 23.tue


I hope that the Korea International Accessible Dance Festival will contribute greatly to create the community for disabled dance in the future. ”

Festival Director of KIADA Festival Director of KIADA

Bong-Ho Son Bong-Ho Son

KIADA will continue to act as a platform for the world’s accessible people to actively promote cultural and artistic exchanges through the use of accessible dance and to impress the world. ”

Head of KIADA Organizing Committee Head of KIADA Organizing Committee

Young-Mook Choi Young-Mook Choi

It is an honor for me to join the journey of KIADA, a place of harmony where disabled people communicate together through dance, regardless of national boundaries. ”

Art Director of KIADA Art Director of KIADA

Sam-Jin Kim Sam-Jin Kim

I am very proud of Korea International Accessible Dance Festival which takes the initiative in respecting the value of art and expanding the future value of art internationally. ”

Advisory Committee of KIADA Advisory Committee of KIADA

Eun-Hye Yoo Eun-Hye Yoo

I support KIADA that develop the potential for disabled dance and achieve the original goal of center for communication around the world. ”

Organizer of KIADA Organizer of KIADA

Kwang-Hyuk Woo Kwang-Hyuk Woo

I hope this opportunity will illuminate the artistic and social values of accessible dance and enable the dancer to develop even more. ”

Organizer of KIADA Organizer of KIADA

Beom-Jin Lee Beom-Jin Lee

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